Hutchinson Mediation Services

Mediation services for a range of interpersonal disputes. When you need to resolve a dispute that involves complex relational issues and emotions, mediation is an effective and affordable solution. Child Custody issues, uncomplicated divorce, employee disputes, neighbor disputes, and other interpersonal issues can all be brought to mediation. Mediation is a voluntary and binding process that empowers the participants to bring cooperative and creative solutions to the mediation table. Working through interpersonal disputes through mediation can help you resolve issues while preserving the important interpersonal connections needed to go forward. The mediator performs the role as a facilitator for these solutions, not as a legal or financial advisor. In fact, it is unethical and inappropriate for an impartial mediator to provide this type of advice. Rather the mediator's role is to help the participants work through the difficult emotional and personal issues so that compromise and agreement can be reached.

Custody Disputes

Reaching a custody agreement that is supportive of your children's development is one of the most critical issues in divorce proceedings. Custody disputes can also be emotionally charged and contentious. Drew is knowledgeable and experienced with the issues that arise in custody disputes and can help couples arrive at the healthiest agreement to support the children.

For Attorneys

When intense emotional issues interfere with divorce proceedings, a qualified mediator can help couples to resolve emotional blocks and return to the negotiating table with in a more cooperative way. Drew is a specialist in working with highly conflictual situations and helping couples work through their most intense emotional struggles. Drew is happy to work along side Attorneys to facilitate a constructive divorce process.


Sometimes couples realize that the relationship is not working well and desire to reach a divorce agreement as amicably as possible. As a skilled mediator with a decade of experience working with couples, Drew can help couples arrive at a cooperative divorce agreement. It is always recommended that participants have consulting attorneys to help them understand the legal complexities. Drew does not provide any legal or financial advice as part of the process of mediation.

Employee Disputes

It is unfortunate, but disputes may arise the work environment. Employees rely on companies for their livelihood and companies rely on employees for their success. Mediation provides a unique environment and perspective to resolve employee disputes to the satisfaction of both parties. Services for employee disputes are usually provided onsite.

1. The standard fee for Mediation services is $325 per hour.

2. Mediation sessions can be scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour. Sometimes it is advantageous to schedule a mediation session for start to completion. In this case, a full day can be reserved.

3. Mediation services for two parties will be scheduled in my primary office on Solano Avenue. Services can also be provided offsite at employer sites, lawyer's offices or other sites as needed. Travel charges will apply.

About Hutchinson Mediation Services

Drew Hutchinson, MFT has been helping people resolve interpersonal conflicts for over a decade and employs state of the art communication and listening skills to bring disputes to a quick and appropriate resolution.


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