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Mediation for Dispute Resolution.


Mediation is a cooperative form of dispute resolution that is non-coercive, voluntary and negotiated. Mediation relies on an unbiased and impartial facilitator. The facilitator works to clear away the difficult emotional and personal attachments that block a constructive and positive interaction to resolving the conflict. Facilitators do not give legal or financial advice. The facilitator works to create a pathway to resolution and allow issues to be aired constructively rather than destructively. Drew works to empower his clients to approach the conflict with constructive ideas and positive solutions. He helps to facilitate understanding and empathy in the communications. He guides the participants toward the possibility of a mutually satisfying agreement.

About Drew Hutchinson, MFT

Hutchinson Mediation

Drew Hutchinson has a B.S in Business and Marketing, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and is a Certified Mediator. Drew has been helping clients through the difficult process of divorce and other inter-personal conflicts for over a decade. Drew combines his background in business with his training and experience in counseling to provide a compassionate and productive environment for resolving conflict and reaching agreement. Along with a private Psychotherapy and Mediation Practice, Drew is also an Adjunct Professor in the Master’s programs at John F. Kennedy University and Dominican University.

Drew currently mediates Small Claims and Civil Harrassment cases for the Contra Costa County Courts through the Congress of Neutrals.

About Hutchinson Mediation Services

Drew has been helping people resolve interpersonal conflicts for over a decade and employs state of the art communication and listening skills to bring disputes to a quick and appropriate resolution.


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