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Divorce, Custody Disputes, Employee Disputes and other interpersonal conflicts.

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Resolving the difficulties that arise in divorce, custody disputes, and employee disputes does not have to be a destructive process. Mediation helps resolve difficult issues using collaboration and compromise to arrive at the best possible solution for all parties involved. Mediation ensures that all sides are given an opportunity to speak and be heard while guiding the discussion towards conflict resolution. A mediator can provide patience, empathy, and impartiality and facilitate listening, communication, and understanding for difficult and complex issues.





Custody Disputes

Coming to the best resolution for your children is crucial for maintaining a healthy developmental environment. As a specialist in family issues, Drew can help you reach the best possible agreement that supports your childrens' and family's needs.


Uncomplicated divorces can be mediated without the need for extensive legal fees. Legal consultation is always recommended, but when there are no extensive financial complexities to be resolved mediation can provide affordable and efficient approach.

Employee Disputes

Employee disputes can be emotionally challenging. Mediation provides a forum for the personal and emotional issues to be aired while working towards the best compromise. This helps companies to keep their most important assets, their employees.

Other Interpersonal Conflicts

Neighbor disputes, room mate disagreements, and many other interpersonal disputes can be resolved efficiently and effectively through mediation. Through mediation, an agreement can be reached while keeping the interpersonal relationship intact.

About Hutchinson Mediation Services

Drew Hutchinson, MFT has been helping people resolve interpersonal conflicts for over a decade and employs state of the art communication and listening skills to bring disputes to a quick and appropriate resolution.


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